Tracey always dreamed of making movies. She studied video production at Specs Howard School of Media Arts and upon graduation quickly dove into the world of writing for the screen big and small. She is the co-writer and producer of festival favorite “Annabelle & Bear” and the co-writer, producer and director of “Open City,” a narrative short that uses her unique insight to explore the unknown every day of Detroit’s new urban landscape. Her career in the arts is a new development, but not totally unexpected. Her family is full of artists, writers, crafters, and makers. Working with pigments, inks, and watercolor is a natural extension of her creativity, and a physical manifestation of the colorful graphic designs she’s been making for fun (and profit) going on a decade. Tracey brings a filmic approach to working on each piece; every color and texture tells a story, and each painting is a character with a unique name. If you know her well, she may just name a piece after you... if you’re a powerful, take no sh*t woman, that is.

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